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Performance Repertory


Duration: 75 minutes  Cast: 5-8 dancers | Recorded Music

Emotions sway all human behavior. Explorations interfaces science, technology, philosophy, and medicine with dance in a theatrical foray traversing the complexities of human behavior.  

Flight of the Mind

Duration: 15-20 minutes  | Cast: 5-8 dancers | Recorded Music

Bridging the traditional lexicon of Indian classical art with contemporary purpose, ‘Flight of the Mind’  explores the incredible potential of the mind to augment the human condition and overcome adversity.  


Prakriti - The Divine Energy

Duration: 75 minute | Cast: 7-8 dancers | Live or recorded music

What connects us to the divine? Prakriti, utilizing the margam format, explores the depths of devotion, spirituality, and oneness with the supreme. 


Duration: 75-90 minutes  | Cast: 4-6 dancers | Live or recorded music

Drawing from classical Hindu mythology, this show is set in a traditional margam format and features a variety of themes that explore the navarasa. This program features a unique Ragam-Thanam-Pallavi with excerpts from the Ramayana. 


Workshops & Master Classes

Biomechanics of Movement: 

Best practices for optimal dance physiology 

This workshop, led by professional Bharatanatyam dancer and biomedical researcher Prof. Shriya Srinivasan, will provide an overview of the physiological principles and anatomy of dance. An interactive session putting theory into practice, participants will learn how to use the musculoskeletal system optimally for dance through best methods for warming up and cooling down the body and strengthening exercises related to injury-prevention and performance. Finally, the class will lead participants to connect their body awareness to the physics of jumps, turns, and more!

For all types of movers and abilities, at all levels of experience.  No previous dance training necessary. 

The Abstract and the Concrete: 

A foray into Indian classical dance

In an interactive session, students will be exposed to the fundamentals of Bharatanatyam, an Indian classical dance-form. Bharatanatyam proves unique in its ability to blend nritta, abstract intricate movements, with nritya, concrete mime used to portray situations and characters. Through this class, dancers will not only expand their movement vocabulary, but also improve in expressive ability. Students will learn to use facial expressions to engage in storytelling, basic steps and postures used in the artform, and some of the history surrounding this tradition.

For all types of movers and abilities, at all levels of experience.  No previous dance training necessary. 

Love, War, and Comedy: 

An exercise in the navarasas

In Indian classical dance, the navarasas, or nine emotions, are believed to give rise to all human sentiment. Through this class, students will form a deeper understanding in the use of body language, facial expressions, and hand gestures to portray various situations and characters. From falling in love to bickering with a friend, students will work through various exercises teaching the importance of empathy, introspection, and observation to better communicate the characters they play to audiences.

Art and Academics:

Finding and maintaining balance

With an increasingly fast-paced, career-focused world, students can find it challenging to balance their artistic and academic pursuits and to make sense of the value of the arts. In this interactive session with the directors of the dance company, students will hear about the journey each took in their artistic and academic realms. We’ll also discuss the ways in which the arts brought a sense of balance in our lives as well skills for time management, planning, and goal setting. 

 Background Photo by Sibu Kutty

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