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"The confluence of youthful exuberance and finely honed talent, Anubhava is a full-scale professional Bharatanatyam dance production with live orchestra; conceived, created and executed by a group of 12 Indian-American students. Anubhava bears testament to the bright future of India’s classical arts outside its natural borders. Not only are these arts in very capable hands, but they are also being invigorated by a fiery passion rapidly growing amongst youngsters outside India."


"The overall choreography belied maturity far beyond their young ages. Their perfectionism was reflected in their flawless transitions, formations, expressions and footwork. Even as one was enraptured by the dancers, the orchestral brilliance reverberated across the auditorium. The young ensemble rendered a performance comparable to that of experienced artists. Their energy was high; confidence, steady and handling of every raga, adept, keeping the audience in awe during the entire performance."

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"The nuanced emotion and intricate jathis of the dancers, skilled energy of the musicians and incredible vocal range of the singer demonstrated the inspiring beauty of Bharatnatyam and Carnatic music through each of the pieces. The composition and choreography of the youngsters was on par with experienced artists in these art forms. They adhered to the age-old traditions, while simultaneously exercising their creativity. It was easy to see that the artists are perfectionists – the dancers’footwork,mudras (hand gestures) and formations were flawless and the confidence, energy and range of the musicians echoed throughout the auditorium."




"Weaving traditional Indian dancing with a poetic script, the choreography innovatively leveraged a thought process inspired by biomechanics, scientific innovation, and emotional catharsis. The choreographers, Joshua George and Dr. Shriya Srinivasan, also a scientist at the Center, stunned the audience by presenting an ancient classical tradition in the context of an international, academic environment such as that of MIT. Such a performance needs careful and thoughtful planning, a high standard of training in the arts, and clarity and sensitivity to tradition."


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